Fuzzy.io makes it easy to add intelligent decision making into any web or mobile application. Find the best price to charge for a product, identify your best customers, detect fraud.


  • Dynamic pricing
  • Product recommendations


  • Automated matching
  • User quality scoring

B2B SaaS

  • Lead scoring
  • Fraud detection

Fuzzy.io takes your knowledge and intuition about your business and converts that into an algorithm that improves over time based on results. No training data or data scientists required.


Fuzzy.io is built by a team of seasoned engineers, designers and product managers with the mission of making AI and machine learning accessible to all developers. Our team of five has over 90 years of combined experience working on products like Gmail, Google Calendar, Facebook, Wikitravel, Drupal, Status.Net and Agendize. Learn more about our team.

Our investors include 500 Startups, Real Ventures, Interaction Ventures and iNovia Capital.

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